The Dahdaleh COVID-19 Global Health & Humanitarianism Portal is a collaboration between a Steering Committee of members from leading global health organizations, initiated by the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research. We seek to support humanitarian response to COVID-19 through summaries and analysis, actionable resources, and a framework for understanding COVID-19 as a global public health emergency.


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Regional Dashboard

Location based Developments and Statistics of the Pandemic in the Global Health and Humanitarian Response to COVID-19.
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In Numbers
Number of Cases 1
-- Active Critical
Closed Cases 1
-- Recovered Deaths
Testing & Epidemiological Estimates

Total Tests Performed 2
-- %   weekly change %   monthly change
Case Fatality Rate
  Canada   France
Reproductive Number 4
1.4-6.5 3.3   Mean 2.8   Median
Incubation Period 5
2-14d 5.1d   Median 5.5d   Mean

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Our Sources, in Numbers.
(1)The About Corona API: Based on data from the WHO, CDC (US|China), ECDC, NHC, Johns Hopkins CSSE, as well as direct reporting from local, provincial, and national health authorities.
(2) Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND): Early and widespread testing strategies have been linked with lower CFR over time, particularly with increasing reports of asymptomatic transmission.
(4)Liu et al: Review of twelve studies that used stochastic, mathematical, and statistical modelling methods, as R0 can also var by population and transmission dynamics.
(5) Lauer et al: Along with serial interval, important in understanding transmission dynamics, particularly where pre- and asymptomatic transmission occurs.

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